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Monday, July 4, 2011

A Year Ago Today

One year ago tonight I was sitting in a lawn chair watching a beautiful display of fireworks ignite in front of me. One year ago tonight, I watched my daughter look with excitement to the lit up sky and cover her ears at the loud noises, but smile at all the pretty colors. One year ago tonight my little boy was safe, and sound, and alive in my belly.

Everett had great hearing at that time in my pregnancy and could hear quite well all the loud noises going off around him. He didn't like it. I giggled as he would move like crazy every time another loud firework would pop in the sky. It got too loud for Lilli so she went to sit in the car and watch with Daddy. But Everett and I sat out, under the night sky and enjoyed the fireworks display together. I rubbed my belly each time a noise startled him and let him know it would be O.K. That this time next year he could see what all this noise was about. Next year is here but our little boy isn't.

We will head off to watch the fireworks again, shortly. I will miss having my little guy safely close to me as we celebrate the Independence of our country. I will, however, cherish the memory I have of spending the 4th with him last year, and having those moments to ourselves.

Mommy loves you Everett, and not a day goes by that I don't think about you, talk to you, and wish that things had been so different. You will always be a special, amazing child in our life. Love you always.


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