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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Being Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving and a time for me to reflect on things I am thankful for this year. This time last year, I could barely function and honestly I just had to sit and try to remember what we did for Thanksgiving in 2010. Did we have it here or go somewhere? Then I remembered that we decided to spend it with family in Florida. The holidays last year are such a blur to me. I just wanted them to be over.

There is no way I could have gotten through this past year, if it weren't for some amazing people in my life. We only met because we had something awful in common. We all have lost a child. My fellow baby loss moms (and dads) have been a source of strength for me over this past year. I hate we had to meet the way we did, but I am so incredibly thankful to have these people in my life. I have learned so much from all of them about their beautiful baby's, their grieving process and how no one else "gets it" like they do. I am also thankful for the amazing grief and loss nurses I've had in my life this year. Their knowledge, skill, understanding and patience is greatly appreciated.

We have so many other people to be thankful for when it came to Run 4 Everett 2011. There were so many people who came to participate, volunteer, support and donate to this important event. I have to say, Run 4 Everett became our lives over the past year. It was our passion and mission to bring awareness to the issue of stillbirth. It is our son's legacy. So many people helped spread the word, donated or came to the event and for that we are forever grateful. To raise $10,800 for a first year event was unbelievable. That money will continue to help the mission and families who are helped through the Kate Cares Program.

Finally, I am also so thankful for a husband who has stood by my side during thick and thin and a daughter who has compassion and understanding at such a young age, unlike anyone I've ever known. They make my life such a brighter place every day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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