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Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Photo's

Yesterday was Father's Day and it felt like a half way normal day. We were still missing Everett immensely, but as time moves forward each "first" seems to get a tiny bit easier. I was doing OK, until we saw a family out at a restaurant with a little girl and a baby boy. Everett would be a little over 10 months old now, and while I don't have quite as hard of a time looking at baby boys, it still hurts and I can't help but feel a little jealous that those families have their precious boy with them. I guess that's normal.

The thing that brightened up both of our days was we went to Wal-Mart to do a little grocery shopping and a woman wearing a very colorful "costume" (aka: moo-moo) serenaded Dave in the deli section, singing Happy Father's Day in the tune of Happy Birthday. It made him blush and feel a bit weirded out. I laughed hysterically. Let me tell you, she could really sing!

I took some photos of Lilli and "Everett" for Dave for Father's Day. I sent some out to my dad too. I was trying to figure out something creative to do instead of a traditional gift. I selected the photo below as the "winning" one that went into Dave's special frame. I used a simple, white, shabby chic style frame, and added a star to the upper left corner of the frame painted the same color as the blanket Lilli was sitting on. This was the blanket Everett was wrapped in at the hospital. It was one of the last things to touch him. Then I met with our awesome jewelry designer from The Silver Dragon Fly, who made one of our pendant designs into a charm she affixed to the center of the star. It is a silver tear drop charm with Everett's sailboat and the word Faith below the boat. He loved the gift.

The winning photo for Dave!

I thought this one was a sweet shot,
this blankie is her best friend,
so of course it had to be in the picture.

She is such a good big sister to her brother.
She loves him so much!

P.S. If you want to order the charms, Terri is donating 25% of all sales from each charm to Kate Cares! If you have experienced a baby loss she can make a pendant for you from your child's foot prints. Just mention Everett to her and she'll still donate 25% of your sale to Kate Cares. What a generous and awesome lady she is! Check out her other designs too!

Hoping everyone had a good Father's Day!


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