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Monday, June 6, 2011

Everett's Garden

We started a small garden for Everett this spring. We have garden's all over our yard, but this is a special spot with special plants that will make us think of him every time we see it. It's just in the beginning stages so it is small, but will certainly grow in years to come.

An overview of Everett's garden, still a work in progress. The little boy sculpture was given to us by a dear friend of my mom's. He's reaching up to the sky, and has star cutouts on him, as well as stars dangling from his hand.

There's a blue hydrangea, the kind that's supposed to bloom all summer, and the angel was in his floral arrangement at his funeral. There is also a butterfly bush, some shasta daisies, coneflower's, and a pretty red plant that Lilli picked out.

A close up of the sailboat, Everett. Everett's room was sailboat themed and we built a large sailboat with his name on it for the wall behind his crib. I found this boat last year and painted his name on it along with the star and heart and gave it to Dave for Christmas.

Everett's room, so you get the idea of the significance of the sailboat. We couldn't find a stencil we liked, so Dave made the sailboat border and hand painted each of those boats around the room.


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