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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and it started off on a good note with Lilli and Dave letting me sleep in! When I woke up, depression somewhat set in with the fact that it was my first Mother's Day without our Everett. This time last year he was alive and kicking like crazy inside me.

Lilli greeted me with a card and gift, that Daddy help her make. In cards she likes to draw special pictures for people, and my card was no different. She draws the pics then tells you, or whoever is supervising, what it is she drew. On my card she drew what she referred to as a "toy thing" for me. Next to the toy thing was an oval with a small circle in the center. She drew eyes and a smiling face inside that circle and colored it in. She told Dave that was "Everett in mommy's belly". That brought tears to my eyes. A lot of tears. She's finally getting what happened in 3 year old terms. She tells people that Everett had an accident inside mommy's belly. And for now, that's really all she needs to know. But at least she understands those words.

As the day moved on, the depression slowly got better, as I thought about what a lucky mom I am to have my Lilli here with me on earth. I thought about all the joy and beauty she brings to my life and what an amazing kid she is. I love both my children very much, and feel so lucky and blessed to have both of them touch my life!


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