Run 4 Everett

Monday, April 25, 2011


Run 4 Everett is now only 116 days away. That's just over 3 1/2 months! But who's counting? Me! I'm counting! We've had a few registrations so far, but still a long ways to go to make it a successful event. I am hopeful we will get there with the participation! We've had some final sponsorships come in this past week and hope to be winding down with that soon so that we can get our race brochures printed. If you are interested in registering for Run 4 Everett, or would like to make a tax deductible financial contribution, feel free to visit our website at You can register by clicking on the race info tab, then clicking on the online registration link.

Dave and I are incredibly grateful to so many people who have helped us with the event, either through sponsorship, general donations (many of the folks we do not personally know), or support in other ways. We would like to thank each and every one who has helped us out in one way or another. Without you and your support, this event would not be possible.

Easter was yesterday and my sister got married the day before. It has been a busy week surrounded by family. I am pretty certain this is the first Holiday that I haven't bawled like a baby. It helps me to know that our beautiful baby boy is surrounded by love and got to participate in awesome celebrations up in Heaven.

We hope all of you had a wonderful Easter, or day if you don't celebrate. And hope to see many at Run 4 Everett!


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